Safeguarding & Child Protection Leaflet
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Safeguarding & Child Protection at Bader Primary School

This information leaflet is for adults who come into contact with children at Bader Primary School.

Please read the following information which is designed to help staff and visitors to understand the importance of working safely with children at our school.


All staff and visitors have a responsibility to help identify children and young people who are at risk of significant harm and in need of protection. 

If you identify a Child Protection / Safeguarding concern in respect of a child you must report it to a member of the ‘Safeguarding Team’ via the Main Office as soon as possible.

Mr D Hodgson


Mrs S Jatwa

Deputy Head and Designated Safeguard Lead

Mrs A Douthwaite

Designated Safeguard Lead

Miss M Weir

Designated Safeguard Lead

Mrs R Mulligan

Designated Safeguard Lead 

Brenda Oxlee

Safeguarding Governor

See Bader Primary School office for contact details

Safeguarding Team 

Sarah Jatwa

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Angela Douthwaite

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mel Weir

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Rachel Mulligan

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Brenda Oxlee

Safeguarding Governor

See Bader Primary School office for contact details



Safeguarding Children and Young People  is a sensitive and difficult area and requires a Working-Together ethos.

Good lines of communication MUST be shared with the Safeguarding Team as soon as possible.

It is important that the child’s voice is heard and recorded.

A child may choose to share child protection concerns with you.

You should listen to the young person at an appropriate time; try to record word for word what they have disclosed.

Please be factual and remember to state: 

· The name of the child

· The date and time of disclosure

· Details of the disclosure

· The authors name, signature and date

· Remember your statement could be used as evidence 

If a child discloses a child protection concern with you, DO NOT QUESTION FURTHER OR INVESTIGATE

Please inform a member of the Safeguarding Team immediately. 


In exceptional circumstances you may have concerns about the conduct of a staff member. 

It is very important to do the following: 

  • If it is a member of staff you MUST share your concerns with the Headteacher 
  • If it is the Headteacher you MUST share your concerns with the Chair of Governors via the school: 01642 762856
  • Louise Spellman—CEO, The 1590 Trust, Conyers School 01642 783253

Allegations against staff will be referred to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) who manages allegations against staff. 

Any further action will be coordinated by the LADO.

Please remember the following: 

Children who are at risk of harm or neglect can sometimes be identified by the following: 

· Verbal disclosure

· ‘Secret(s)’ - Adults MUST share information that could indicate a child is being harmed/neglected

· Information from concerned school friends or other students

· Behaviour

· Emotional well-being

· Self-harm

· Written school work