Sir Douglas Bader

The first two weeks of January saw the children learning all about the person who school is named after – Sir Douglas Bader. 

The importance of this learning cannot be over emphasised as we feel the heritage of the school and the values that Sir Douglas Bader epitomises, need to be reinforced regularly. Our school motto ‘Aiming High’ was born from Sir Douglas Bader and is one of our very important school values.

Parents were invited into school to see the exciting learning that had taken place. Here is a selection of the learning that took place across the school.

Nursery learning why there is a spitfire on our school badge and creating a spitfire using different materials.


Year 1 designed and created their own spitfires. They also looked at our school's values and thought about how we all could aim high like Sir Douglas Bader.


Year 2 working hard on their pencil skills with their portrait sketches of Sir Douglas Bader


Year 3 sequencing the life story of Sir Douglas Bader and thinking about how he must have felt and what he could have thought about during the different events in his life.


Year 4 researching spitfire planes and carefully selecting their top facts to use in their writing.


Year 5 creating some fabulous artwork, using watercolours, to paint pictures of spitfires.



Year 6 exploring the use of green screen technology to support writing a biography of Sir Douglas Bader.