Aiming High with Aspiration Week

Pupils returned to Bader Primary School in September to a very exciting new term with their very first ‘Aspiration Week’.

Designed to help the children raise their expectations, motivate them to succeed and believe in themselves more, the school had visits from former Olympic gymnasts, speedway champions, authors, scientists, sports photographers and a motivational speaker who had overcome his own disability, plus many others throughout the week.

Mr David Hodgson, Headteacher, at the school said “We’ve had an absolutely fantastic week with lots of visitors coming in to talk to and work with the children. The challenge is that we are preparing our children for an ever changing world and for jobs that don’t actually exist at this moment in time”.

Questionnaires were completed before and after the week, in order to find out if the children were better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead for them. 

School now plan to continue this focus of high aspirations as it links well with the school motto of ‘Aiming High’. An ‘Aspiration lead’ has been appointed and other speakers will be invited in throughout the next year to build upon this very successful first week.