Year 5 Trip to Beamish

Teachers and children were all excited to come back to school after half term because our new topic, ‘Time Travellers’ meant we had a very exciting trip planned to Beamish Hall Museum!

First, we jumped back in time to the 1900’s and became Victorian pupils. The teacher was very strict and demanded silence as the obedient children answered arithmetic questions from a chalkboard. The children really got into character, stood up to answer questions, and called the teacher, ‘Ma’am’. We thought we had really time travelled! 

After that we explored more of the amazing museum, which is bursting with historical attractions. Some of us visited the traditional sweet shop and got to see how cinder toffee was made (the samples were tasty too!). We travelled like real Victorians as we all climbed onto the tram and had a very scenic drive looking at the old cobbled streets and farm animals. The tram took us to our lunch spot, the old Music Hall where we got to admire the old photographs of the brass band. Once we had finished lunch, the children lived the experience of a difficult Victorian job – being a miner. We all donned our hard safety hats as we descended into the mine for an informative tour. The pupils were shocked to find out that children as young as four would be sent to work in the mine as ‘trappers’, opening and closing doors for the coal to be transported.

Finally, to end our day as hard working Victorians we jumped on the steam train and had a very bumpy ride back to the 21 st Century!

The whole of the Year 5 team had a fantastic day at Beamish and the children have even asked to go back, as the museum was so large we could not get around it all in one day!

Thank you for your support of this trip, which has been a very valuable experience and a very engaging start to our new topic,

Miss Logan, Mrs Mudgway and Mrs Smith.