Home Learning Resources

Please find below a list of resources and activities which are available for you to use to continue with your child’s learning at home.


Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20

Finds One More or One Less Than

Solving Problems - Doubling

Solving Problems - Halving

Solving Problems - Sharing

Using Quantities and Objects They Add Two Single-Digit Numbers

Using Quantities and Objects They Subtract Two Single-Digit Numbers

Year 1

Subject Tasks


Eliot Midnight Superhero Story

Reading Vipers Questions


Maths Mat 2

Maths Mat 3

Maths Mat 4

Maths Mat 5

Fluent in 5

Number Sentence Challenge




Art Challenge

Year 2


Mat 1

Mat 2

Mat 3

Mat 4

Mat 5

Mat 6

All About Africa Activity Card

How the Kangaroos Got Their Tails Activity Card

How to Make a Pirate Stew Activity Card

T-Rex Activity Card

The Fearless Four Activity Card

Wanted Poster Activity Card 

Who is Buzz Aldrin Activity Card


Summer 1 Maths Activity Mat 1

Summer 1 Maths Activity Mat 2

Summer 1 Maths Activity Mat 3

Summer 1 Maths Activity Mat 4

Summer 1 Maths Activity Mat 5

Summer 1 Maths Activity Mat 6

Problem of the Day - 10

Problem of the Day - 11

Problem of the Day - 12

Problem of the Day - 13

Problem of the Day - 14

Problem of the Day - 15

Problem of the Day - 16

Year 3




Year 4


Anglo Saxon


Art 2

Digestive System

Garden Birds

Pet Care


Statutory Spelling

Story Settings

The Gun Powder Plot

Year 5

English Activity Booklet

Multiplication and Division Booklet

Year 6


Spring Activity Booklet

A Hung Parliament Reading Comprehension Activity

Armed Forces Day Reading Comprehension Activity

Ruby Bridges Reading Comprehension Activity

Earthquakes Reading Comprehension Activity

Eid al-Fitr Reading Comprehension Activity

FA Cup Reading Comprehension Activity

Fidget Spinners Reading Comprehension

Fire Drills Reading Comprehension Activity

Ibn Battuta Reading Comprehension Activity

Lottery Win Newspaper Report Reading Comprehension Activity

Mike Hall Reading Comprehension Activity

Pentecost Reading Comprehension Activity

Refugee Week Reading Comprehension Activity

Rosa Parks Reading Comprehension Activity

The Great Plague Reading Comprehension Activity

Tour De France Reading Comprehension Activity

Usain Bolt Biography Reading Comprehension Activity

VE Day Reading Comprehension Activity

William Shakespeare Reading Comprehension Activity

Wimbledon Reading Comprehension Activity

Task 1 - Advertise Your Town

Task 2 - The Ascent

Task 3 - Film Review

Task 4 - Letter to Your MP

Task 5 - Continue the Story

Task 6 - The Titanic

Task 7 - The Supermarket

Task 8 - Classroom Conundrum

Task 9 - Ancient Myths

Task 10 - A First Visit

Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Family Love

Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Living in Technicolour

Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Stalking Its Prey

Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets_- Time Flies

Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Tiny Turtle's Huge Journey

Spring Activity Booklet Answers

Year 6


Lower Ability Maths Activity Mat

Middle Ability Maths Activity Mat

Higher Ability Maths Activity Mat

Cycle Ride Line Graphs Activity Sheet

Decimal Places Practice Questions

Divide Fractions Practice Questions

Division Practice Questions

Fractions Practice Questions

Multiplication Practice Questions

Multiply Fractions Practice Questions

Multiply One Digit Numbers Practice Questions

Order of Operations Questions

Solving Percentages Practice Questions

Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Using Rounding in Real Life Situations

Negative Numbers and Temperature Activity Sheet

Order of Operations BODMAS Activity Sheet

Space Themed Cut and Paste Game

Space Themed Fishing Game

Space Themed Two Player Game


Other Curricular

Dogs Noses Daily News Report

Dogs Noses Daily News 60 Second Read

60 Second Reads Teacher Guidance

NewsRoom Reading Lesson Plan


Fireworks in a Glass

Fun With Density

Lava Lamp

Make a Recycled Plastic Bottle Car Activity

Mouldy Bread Experiment

Design An Earthquake Proof Building



Spring Term Resources


Nursery Activities

EYFS and Reception

EYFS and Reception

Year 1

Year 1 Home Learning

Year 1 Home Learning Timetable

Year 2

Year 2 Home Learning Challenge

Year 3

Year 3 Home Learning

Year 3 Home Activity Checklist

Year 4

Year 4 Home Learning

Year 4 Activity Checklist

Year 5

Year 5 Home Learning

Year 5 Activity Checklist

Year 6

Year 6 Home Learning