Year Six 2016

Children’s Mental Health Week

6th February 2017

This week marks the start of Children's Mental Health week. The theme this year is 'Spread a Little Kindness' and this is something that we believe everyone at Bader can be a…


21st November 2016

Our Y6 homework this week is on preparing some information on a planet in our solar system.  Again, you can choose any way you like to present the information -…

Homework – Rising Sea Levels

14th November 2016

Prepare some slides, a poster or a song to inform others how to we could stay safe as sea levels rise. Click here to access some resources. You will find…

Thank You – Macbeth

31st October 2016

Thank you to all adults who attended this morning's learning together session.  We hope it has provided an insight into your child's learning and will be supportive of their learning…

Clue 5: Do you know who this is?

30th October 2016

Our final clue! Do you know who this man is? What has he got to do with all of the other clues?

Clue 4: This one is a little cryptic

29th October 2016

This one is a cryptic clue which means its meaning is hidden or mysterious.  The adjective cryptic is related to the word crypt; the meaning of which comes from a greek word which means hidden vault.…

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