Year Four 2016

Independent writing

21st October 2016

Here is a space to post your independent writing.

Our Science Learning Journey

21st October 2016

Have a look at the images below. What questions do they make you want to ask? What do you want to know about sound and hearing?

The Victorians

13th October 2016

Hello Year Four, I know a lot of you have continued your research around Queen Victoria and the Victorians at home. Please use this post to share anything you have…


11th October 2016

Hello Year 4, Mr Hayes here.  I have been so impressed by everyone's writing efforts on your blog.  It has been excellent to read all of your fantastic character descriptions.…

Describing the giants

29th September 2016

Hello Year Four, Your blogging task this week is to share some of your fantastic descriptions of 'Bonecruncher', 'Bloodbottler' and 'Butcherboy', Roald Dahl's fantastically hideous giants!  

Henry VIII

22nd September 2016

Hello Y4, Today we have been learning about Henry VIII. Can you name any of his wives? Can you find out any extra information about the wives or Henry? Please…

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