Year Five 2016

Day 149: A Final Bit of Cricket

25th May 2017

As well as completing our Greek temples, today was spent enjoying our last session of quick cricket. The past few weeks have been great and the progress the children have…

Day 148: Building Greek Temples

25th May 2017

Today, Year 5 started a two day project investigating 3D nets and the 2D polygons that can be found inside them. Instead of simply teaching the children how to answer…

Day 147: Prepositional Phrases

25th May 2017

Year 5 have been working on their writing targets today. We focused on adding prepositional phrases to our writing in order to better describe the setting as well as the…

Day 146: Awesome Athletics

25th May 2017

This afternoon, a lucky group of Year 5s had the opportunity to compete in the Conyers cluster athletics competition. We had a great day participating in both track and field…

Day 145: A Revolting Recipe

25th May 2017

Our final set of instructions for the week centered on getting revenge on Count Olaf. There is a point in 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' where the children prepare a…

Day 144: How to Measure an Angle

25th May 2017

The fourth in our series of instructions was how to use a protractor. After all the work we had been doing in maths related to angles, Year 5 thought it…

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