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School, Family & Community Partnerships

With over twenty years of experience traveling and working with schools and school districts in the United States and around the world, I have learned that the ingredients for a school to be truly successful must include strong partnerships with families. If family engagement is missing from the recipe, the likelihood of achieving stated goals and supporting the learning of every child can remain elusive.

Bader Primary School believes in the power of strong family partnerships as a conduit to positive learning outcomes for all of its students. Over the years, I have learned that there is a distinct commonality between those schools that are not only successful, but also adept at promoting the efficacy of families. That commonality amongst schools is leadership. Strong, committed, courageous leadership is essential to long-term improvement and achievement. What is crystal clear to me is that the leadership and staff of Bader not only understand the importance of engaging every family, but have committed time, energy and resources to ensure a positive outcome for every family and every student.

Dr. Steve Constantino’s Engagement Model

Dr. Steve Constantino’s Engagement Model

I applaud Head Teacher Simon Feasey and all of the staff at Bader Primary School for placing the important topic of family engagement front and center in its efforts to be the best. I am honored that my work and model is an inspiration to the school and look forward to a visit one day to see family engagement in action at Bader! You are a model for the world to emulate.

Many thanks and much success!


Dr. Steve Constantino

Author, Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States.

Bader Primary School