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Bader Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Keeping children safe in education – Statutory guidance for schools and colleges – April 2014


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Statement of School Policy

This school recognises its legal and moral duty to promote the well-being of children, and protect them from harm, and respond to child abuse.

We believe that every child regardless of age has at all times and in all situations a right to feel safe and protected from any situation or practice that results in a child being physically or psychologically damaged.

We agree that we have a primary responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the students in our charge, and we will carry out this duty through our teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities, pastoral care and extended school activities. In order to achieve this, all members of staff (including volunteers and governors) in this school, in whatever capacity, will at all times act proactively in child welfare matters, especially where there is a possibility that a child may be at risk of significant harm.

The school seeks to adopt an open and accepting attitude towards children as part of their responsibility for pastoral care. The school hopes that parents and children will feel free to talk about any concerns and will see school as a safe place if there are any difficulties at home.

Children’s worries and fears will be taken seriously if they seek help from a member of staff. Staff cannot promise confidentiality if concerns are such that referral must be made to the appropriate agencies in order to safeguard the child’s welfare.

In our school, if we have suspicions that a child’s physical, sexual or emotional well-being is being, or is likely to be, harmed, or that they are being neglected, we will take appropriate action in accordance with the procedures issued by Stockton Local Safeguarding Children Board.

As a consequence, we:
• will have an effective safeguarding children procedure and follow National Guidance (Keeping Children Safe in Education (April 2014)

• assert that teachers and other members of staff (including volunteers) in the school are an integral part of the child safeguarding process.
• accept totally that safeguarding children is an appropriate function for all members of staff in the school, and wholly compatible with their primary teaching and learning responsibilities will be threaded through the curriculum.
• recognise that safeguarding children in this school is a responsibility for all staff, including volunteers, the Governing body and all adults who work in the school.
• will ensure through training and supervision that all staff and volunteers in the school are alert to the possibility that a child is at risk of suffering harm, and know how to report concerns or suspicions.
• will designate a senior member of staff with knowledge and skills in recognising and acting on child protection concerns. He or she will act as a source of expertise and advice, and is responsible for co-coordinating action within the school and liaising with other agencies.
• ensure (through the designated member of staff) that staff with designated responsibility for child protection will receive appropriate training to the minimum standard set out by LSCB (Stockton Local Safeguarding Board).
• will share our concerns with others who need to know, and assist in any referral process.
• will ensure that all members of staff and volunteers who have suspicion that a child may be suffering, or may be at risk of suffering significant harm, refer such concerns to the Designated member of staff, who will refer on to Children’s Services in accordance with the procedures issued by LSCB.
• safeguard the welfare of children whilst in the school, through positive measures to address bullying, especially where this is aggravated by sexual or racial factors, disability or special educational needs.
• will ensure that all staff are aware of the child protection procedures established by LSCB and act on any guidance or advice given by them.
• will ensure through our recruitment and selection of volunteers, governors and paid employees that all people who work in our school are suitable to work with children.
• will act swiftly and make appropriate referrals where an allegation is made that a member of staff has committed an offence against a child, harmed a child, or acted in a way that calls into question their suitability for working with children.

Designated member of staff

1. The designated senior member of staff (designated person) for child protection in this school is:

Mrs Jatwa(Acting Head Teacher)

2. In their absence, these matters will be dealt with by:

Miss Weir

Mrs Douthwaite

Bader Primary School