Acting Head Teacher: Mrs Sarah Jatwa Enquiries: Please contact the school office on 01642 762856

Languages at Bader


Children at Bader Primary School learn Italian from Year 3 onwards.  Italian is a beautiful language which, like French, Spanish, Portuguese and others, developed from Latin.

The children learn how to read, write, listen to and speak basic Italian such as:

  • Introducing themselves – Mi chiamo…
  • Greeting others – Ciao! Come stai?
  • Expressing likes and dislikes – Mi piace… Non mi piace…
  • Common vocabulary – clothes, school, holidays, places, family
  • Counting – uno, due, tre …
  • Communicating with Italian children as penpals

In addition, the children learn about Italian life and culture – with food being a firm favourite.  They are immersed in Italian during lessons through listening to and reading songs, rhymes, stories and videos.  At home, children can continue to learn the language by using the Duolingo website to build their knowledge of vocabulary.

Bader Primary School