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PSHE at Bader


Pupils at Bader Primary School will be enriched with a PSHE curriculum and a vast range of experiences that, regardless of their background, will enable them to: 

  • Have and sustain positive relationships, have friends and have learned to treat other people with fairness, compassion and respect; 
  • Grow healthy and strong and understand how to look after their body and keep themselves safe; 
  • Live in the wider world as respectful, well rounded individuals, understanding that the world is a wondrous place and be inspired to make a difference. 


Our PSHE curriculum is built around the needs of children at Bader.  We use a scheme which is called 3D PSHE, but have adapted this to suit the needs of children at Bader.  It is designed so that all children are taught the three strands of PSHE: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world.  It is a planned, developmental programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future.  Each year group follows an overview which ensures a progressive structure for each strand through each year group.

PSHE Intent and Implementation