School Council (Bader Parliament)
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Bader Primary School’s School Council

At Bader, we are proud to have an elected school council, called Bader Parliament, who have regular School Council meetings. These children have been elected by their peers to ensure that the pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions that will affect them. 

Through the school council meetings, the children have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions therefore reaching a democratic solution. The thoughts of the school pupils are often considered and sought for through regular Pupil Voice Questionnaires and focus groups. The school council are also very active in improving the school experience for all pupils, including running stalls at fayres and discos; hosting clubs and raising money for school. 

At the beginning of each year, the children volunteer as candidates and then a democratic vote - by the children only - then determines who will become a school council member. The council members will then meet weekly and have a decided upon agenda that will be discussed and minutes taken. The minutes are then displayed on the Bader Parliament board.



Academic Year 18/19 Bader Parliament

A main focus of the children this year was to raise funds for the school and for charity. The children have been successful in both and were able to raise money in a variety of different ways. In December, Bader Parliament organised two different events which raised money for both charity and the school. The Children were very eager to host the ‘Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day’, this involved holding a Design your own Christmas Jumper competition, judging a staff Christmas jumper competition and giving an assembly on the importance of the Save the Children charity. The children raised over £200 and everyone had an amazing day! In addition, Bader Parliament worked with the Friends of Bader to hold the Easter Raffle, raising money to support the school. The children helped to set up the prizes and even picked out the winning numbers!


Most recently, the children decided they wanted to try and support the school’s ethos of having a love for reading. Therefore, they embarked upon buying books for each of the classroom’s reading corners. In order to raise money, the Bader Parliament ran a Film Club. This was a massive success and was well attended by the rest of the pupils. As a result, the children were able to present each class with a pile of books to keep in their classrooms and help to promote reading within school.