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At Bader Primary School, we encourage children to appreciate and take pride in their local community but also to understand and be excited that there is a big, wide World out there. It is our hope that children will begin to dream, question and discover new things about the World they live in. We are passionate about ensuring they are curious and enthusiastic global citizens and aim to provide children with first hand experiences that allow them to explore and develop their knowledge and skills through active learning. We ensure that children are provided with opportunities to extend their knowledge and understanding of physical and human geography through fieldwork and school trips. During transition week, children are provided with opportunities to visit local landmarks to develop their knowledge further whilst providing positive links within the community. This is then celebrated when all classes return to school in September and continue their project on their chosen landmark. This provides children with a hands-on learning approach and widens their experiences of the world around them. Through the teaching of Geography, we also hope to highlight the environmental and cultural topics that are in the World today and to help them understand the impact certain issues are having on our World.