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In Key Stage 1 and 2 children will be provided with ‘Knowledge Mats’ when they begin a new unit in History, Geography and Science. This is a document which identifies what the learning will be that half term and gives children a chance to do some further research and reading at home. Throughout their topic, children will build up a core bank of facts and vocabulary that will help them know more and remember more about the world around them. The skills and knowledge children gain, will then be built upon throughout their time spent at Bader.


At Bader Primary School, we are passionate that all children have a good understanding of national, international and local history. Through the teaching of History, our aim is to raise our children to develop chronological understanding, gain a range and depth of historical knowledge, interpret historical events and evolve their skills in historical enquiry. We aspire for our children to be aware of and appreciate their local heritage and demonstrate compassion and respect regarding past events . Carefully chosen historical topics educate our children to be proud of where they live but then further develop their knowledge about the history of the world around them. Our Bader History curriculum ensures that lessons provide awe and wonder, which allow children to explore and discover the world that is around them, both in the past, present and future.