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What is the Cornerstones Curriculum?

Cornerstone LogoThe Cornerstones Curriculum is a creative and thematic approach to learning that is mapped to the 2014 Primary National Curriculum to ensure comprehensive coverage of national expectations. Our curriculum is delivered through Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) which provide a rich menu of exciting and motivating learning activities that make creative links between all aspects of our children’s learning.

We believe children learn better when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply their learning to engaging contexts. Our curriculum provides lots of learning challenges throughout the academic year that require children to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding effectively across the curriculum.

How it Works?

Children progress through four stage of learning in each ILP – Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. To find out more about these stages please click here for a link through to the Cornerstones website.

Teachers work in teams to plan work, sharing materials and ideas and looking at what the children have done before deciding on what should come next.

Continuous assessment of the children’s work is carried out by teachers and tests are given at regular intervals to monitor children’s progress against their targets. Teachers also monitor a child’s confidence and attitude towards work and other people.

Termly Class Newsletters – This will give you information on the curriculum your child will be studying this term

2019 Curriculum Map






Year 1

Enchanted Woodland

Dinosaur Planet

Enchanted Woodland (carried over from Autumn term)


Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Year 2

Beat, Band Boogie


Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Land Ahoy

Year 3

Urban Pioneers

Mighty Metals

Gods and Mortals

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Year 4

Urban Pioneers

Mighty Metals


Road Trip USA

Year 5

Beast Creator

Hola Mexico



Year 6

Blood Heart

SATs prep

Hola Mexico